The Big Bad Wolf Halloween Party by 6th Sense Productions


The it-party of Halloweekend wasn’t at a fancy venue, but the 6th Sense “Big Bad Wolf” party did attract the true Halloween spirit, with all the goons, devils, werwolves, demonic girls, evil elves, and other scary staple characters of the holiday gathering in one place. These were intermixed with other, less-common costumes, like cool comic-book characters, a genie in a lamp, and a wallflower – even Van Gogh made an appearance! Here at the Concrete 1994 venue, away from the usual glitz and glam of Beirut, the costume crazed came to battle it out for the title of best Halloween disguise, and for a good reason – the winner gets a ticket to Berlin. A panel of judges from Lebanon’s fashion sphere chose several finalists that then underwent online voting. Music was provided by Gunther & Stamina, kAm, NAMI, CAB, TattyLongLegs and Diamond setter and the festivities raged all night long.