Best of Beirut (Part 2): The Rise of Gemmayzeh

Once upon a time Gemmayzeh was just another little district in Ashrafieh. But now, it’s synonymous with nightlife in Beirut. Gemayzeh began to boom just over 5 years ago and is currently in its prime, with two parallel streets and a few connecting perpendicular alleys playing host to  tens upon tens of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Any local Lebanese will tell you this is the place to be on the weekends, and the foreigners flock here to see what all the fuss is about — and no one goes home disappointed!

1- Myu

Tucked in a little alleyway off Rue Gouraud, is a haven for the beautiful crowds that know a good time when they see one. It’s virtually impossible (no, actually impossible!) to get into the modern-looking restaurant and lounge without a reservation on the weekend, unless you’re an early evening bird looking to perch on the bar. Come to enjoy the cuisine, a medley of Mediterranean and French flavors along with a full bar of delicious cocktails. It’s chic, stylish and wild. Just make sure you’ve got your best outfit on and be prepared to party in class!




2- Torino Express

A small wonder right smack in the middle of Gemmayzeh, it may well be one of the smallest bars in the city, but it’s jam packed with the jolliest crowd daily. The unpretentious venue attracts the coolest people, and is a regular hangout for the musicians and artists. Torino offers great food during the day and an awesome atmosphere filled with wonderful alcoholic beverages for chilling at night. Squeeze in and enjoy!






3- The Angry Monkey

Welcome to a different kind of jungle! The Angry Monkey serves as a venue for concerts by tons of the best bands in the country, fun events and is the perfect bar to watch live sports events. It also happens to have some of the best food and drinks on the street. The Angry Monkey is one of the most popular bars with the 20 somethings and the crowd is always ready for a good time. Come prepared with an appetite for a good time, get set with the specialty drinks and you’re ready to rumble!




4- El Gardel, La Estancia

Best steak in Beirut? Undoubtedly! Great Latin atmosphere? Yes! Summer rooftop bar? Check! Is there anything this place doesn’t have? El Gardel serves the most mouthwatering meats and delicious dishes, all prepared by an Argentinean chef, the authentic Argentinean way. Once you’ve finished your meal, head to the bar where the atmosphere is friendly and trendy, the drinks are abundant and the music is grooving. In the summer, the Terraza is open for those who want to enjoy the warm summer breeze on the perfect Gemmayzeh rooftop.




5- Sepia

Despite the name, this place is nothing short of colorful and vibrant and lively. An old favorite located in an classic old building in traditional Lebanese style on the famous Gemmayzeh stairs, Sepia’s is home to many live musical events and always draws awesome crowds that are ready for an awesome time. The music is pumping, the drinks are flowing,  and the atmosphere is glowing on any given weekday and weekend at Sepia!