Survival Tips: How To Cure That Pesky Hangover

Here in Lebanon when we say party we mean PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG! When leaving a club one thing I notice is empty bottles sitting pretty on the reserved VIP tables surrounding the venue…Hmmm wonder where all that vodka went? Yep you guessed it, straight into the tummies of nightlife pros. While I know for a fact everyone in Lebanon enjoys a full night of drinking and dancing but no one (including myself) enjoys the next day hangover blues. To remedy this ugly situation I offer you these helpful tips on how to cure a pesky hangover.


H20 GO!

Hydration is a huge factor in curing a hangover. Stay away from the myth that has been passed around, if you drink alcohol it will help your hang over, false! Since when have two wrongs made a right? Drinking additional alcohol will further dehydrate you, which will cause for an even bigger headache. Also coffee & caffeine, although we all love a hot cup of java in the morning, caffeine will only further dehydration, so save the caffeine until you feel a bit better. Your best bet to happily hydrating your body is to drink the clear medicine for a hangover, water. Juice and sports drinks help as well. Hydrate that unhappy body!

Pop A Pill?

Ibuprofen doesn’t hurt. Actually if taken during the morning of your hangover it will help ease the pain, and help your headache in order to get you through the day. Do not take acetaminophen, this medicine when mixed with alcohol can cause liver inflammation…and your livers at this point are not too happy with the way you have been treating them.


Who Said Greasy Food Helps?

Who ever told you to chow down on greasy fatty food is wrong. While yes, when you are chowing down on a large sized double quarter pounder from McDonalds it will taste and feel great…until your insides realize it was a bad idea, you would have already bought a one-way ticket to the toilet to puke the delicious fatty goodness you had just devoured minutes before. When deciding what to eat the morning of your hangover I suggest making some eggs. Cysteine a substance found in eggs will break down toxins associated with the alcohol you consumed.

Zzzzz’s Catch That Shut Eye

If you have the time, take a nap and a long one at that. Most hangovers last from 4 hours up to 24 hours so the best thing to do is sleep it off and pretend it never happened. If you think taking charge of your day and over exerting yourself to “sweat out the alcohol” won’t work. If your hangover, you are dehydrated and if you are dehydrated working at a fast pace will only further dehydrate your body.

Next Time Be Prepared

On your next big night out plan ahead, it is always a good idea to have a full meal before going out, drinking on an empty stomach is a big no no. For each one alcoholic beverage you have follow it up with one glass of water (or even two or three). And finally don’t drink anything you can get your hands on, stick to one flavor. Mixing Vodka, Beer, Wine and Tequila is a recipe for total disaster.


Happy Clubbing you party animals!!

BNLer’s if you have tips on how to cure the hangover blues, feel free to share them in a comment below!