Bedlam at Metis: A Fun Night of Craziness


Metis is proving time and time again to be an entertainment hub every night of the week. Whoever said that partying is strictly for weekends has obviously never been to Metis on Mondays, specifically Monday the 25th, a.k.a. Bedlam at Metis. The night was filled with absolute craziness orchestrated by local talents on the decks including LIL T the Metis and Palais resident DJ, Gaby the Metis resident DJ, Mini B from NRJ master mix.

This fun evening of mingling was made a lot easier for everyone with the colored bracelets that were distributed to each person at the entrance. Red meant you’re taken, orange meant you’re not interested, and green meant you’re single.

This event was sponsored by Durex, Rahbani Optique, and Librairie Memoires. It was covered by Beirut Nightlife.