B1 Night Club A New and Unique Style of Clubbing

Established by an interesting enthusiast, Elie Maalouf and Robert El Husseini, B1 Night Club is a trendy nightclub offering clubbers top-notch entertainment with what superb services it has to offer, passing by the elegant Chandelier and walking up the miniature lighted bottles stairs you’ll be drawn by the pulsating spirit of B1 Night Club, its modish device and stimulating atmosphere.

A strong representative of recorded, transmitted and reproduced sounds in concept and name. B1 Night club has enough pulsating entertainment plans on its busy schedule to ensure that customers will leave the energetic premises with an unforgettable memory in their heads and long lasting smile on their faces, resident DJ and talented live foreign and oriental performances.

B1 Night Club is unfailingly a new and unique style of clubbing and a blend of delight, high spirits, good tastes, awesome music and excitement all under one roof over a chic décor and fashionable atmosphere.

B1 Night Club is more than a just night out!