From Atlanta Georgia to Beirut Keri Hilson Gets Her Swag On!

It felt like a mid summer night over at Pier 7. A packed house of people were present ready to enjoy a live performance by hip-hop and R&B singer/songwriter Keri Hilson. This gorgeous diva really knows how to sing! In an exclusive pre show interview, BNL and I got a taste of how great her voice sounds with no vocal production backing once so ever. The stylish and sexy Keri holds notes like nobody’s business.

Since reaching Top 100 Billboard charts in 2007, Timabaland and Keri Hilson’s collaboration track “The Way I Are” has been played non-stop in clubs, bars, events and more. The song has remained a hit for years and will be for a long time coming. It is simply a club banger! For the first time ever Keri made her way to Lebanon to perform for fans in Beirut.

Decked out in leather Keri Hilson got down with her hip-hop flavor along with two friends/backup dancers, opening her set with hit “Turnin’ me on”. She interacted with the crowd making sure they knew she traveled a long way from Atlanta Georgia to see us. The show went on with “Liv Tonight”. Keri’s personal DJ backed her on the ones and twos hypin’ up the crowd to keep their hands together for the hip-hop star. Keri performed powerfully keeping the theme of her “No Boys Allowed Tour” with her dominant female attitude. She exclaimed, “Beirut I always got your back!” which was a perfect segway into the next song “Got Your Back”. Hip-hop anthem “Turn My Swag On” played through the speakers, which made true hip-hop enthusiasts sway from side to side doing none other than getting their swag on! Next, Keri showed love to the ladies by inviting females onstage to dance to “Pretty Girl Rock”, an ode to all the lovely ladies in the world who deserve to feel gorgeous. Keri’s spectacular performance ended with a hot jam everyone was familiar with. The crowd sang along to the lyrics “Sometimes love comes around and knocks you down, just get back up when it knocks you down”. It was reat show for Keri Hilson at Pier 7.

I also have to say big ups to resident DJs Jack Sleiman (Godfather), TRIX, Mass and Joey for adding entertainment throughout the evening.

Pier 7 it’s going to be hard to say goodbye for the winter but at least ther’re going out with a bang just like I knew they would!