Alcazar the Hip Bar for Everyone to Enjoy!

Alcazar has most definitely become a place to frequent (as if it wasn’t already!), this past week visited the fortress on the Gemmayzeh stairs to find a packed bar full of Lebanon locals, as well as a refreshing amount of foreigners, making Alcazar the perfect place to have a drink and meet new people of different nationalities.

Those who are into street art may have noticed the huge projections on the wall that showcased the stop motion animations by “blu”, a wild street animator who draws all over urban surfaces such as pipes, walls and streets. If you haven’t heard of this artist, I suggest you Google the name, as there is some great work to be seen. Alcazar resident DJ Trix delivered great tunes from the DJ booth located near the entrance of the bar. All an all a great night at Alcazar, check out the photos below for a visual recap.