The Abi Ramia Bros. Bring a Nightlife Flavor to Horeca

Another amazing Horeca event has passed and everyone who attended surely got a taste of something spectacular. Service industry professionals, hospitality, alcohol & wine companies, media and more all came together for a wonderful exhibition held at the vast halls of Biel. Although most companies take the more kosher approach to booth display and design, Abi Ramia Bros. decided to spice it up a bit by adding a hint of nightlife to their booth.

Have you heard of Gemmayzeh Street? Think the happening district in booth form dubbed Abi Ramia Bros. Street. That’s right, the Abi Ramia Bros. team constructed a four-part booth equipped with a picture-paved road, stop signs and everything else you would find in a pub district. Each part was dedicated to a certain look or theme that went along perfectly with the different Abi Ramia Bros. products. couldn’t help but spend most of our time at this booth due to a few key factors…Delicious drinks and products, a chill yet busy atmosphere and last but not least beautiful girls!

First, we stopped in at the local pub side of the booth to enjoy perfectly chilled Budweiser and Stella Artois beer. Joe Abi Ramia himself met up with BNL to share a drink and to discuss the idea of the booth a bit further. We then moved over to the cozy wine bar for a taste of what is now my new favorite wine. Although all were equally as delicious, I feel obligated by my taste buds to focus on my favorite. A new product Abi Ramia Bros. is bringing to Lebanon, PAYS D’OC (French wine) Cabernet Sauvignon. After I over indulged in a few glasses we headed over to the nightlife spot of the booth, the XXL energy Vodka side where everyone was “ready for party”! A cluster of beautiful women in hot-shorts and XXL tees welcomed us with friendly smiles and cans of XXL. After spending quite some time with the girls and passing patrons we made our last stop to chill out at the Abi Ramia Bros. Street lounge, where a comfy white couch was available for a much needed rest from the hustle and bustle of the busy convention. congratulates the Abi Ramia Bros. and their Horeca booth, or shall I say street for a wonderful design concept, good times and most of all for their great products which we had a blast tasting!