3 Nights at Whisky Mist BNLer’s Can’t Get Enough!

When I said that BNLer’s could spend practically every night at Whisky Mist I meant it! Each night provides a different program for club goers to enjoy. BNL can’t seem to decide which night to cover…so why not all!

Le Paon Rouge on Wednesday is sexy, seductive and red! Whisky Mist pays homage to Beirut’s Golden days be revisiting the Le Paon Rouge theme. Choreographed dancers decked out in red feathers shine on Whisky Mists platforms located in the center of the room. The theatrical entertainment is perfect to enjoy while bottles are being popped all around you!

 Fashion House Thursday puts a different twist on the Whisky Mist club experience. High fashion met house music and pulse pounding beats at the mist this week. The Whisky Mist dancers put on their choreographed numbers and LIPS models showed of the latest Pavoni threads. CHOU CHIC also participated in the event. On the 10th CHOU CHIC also hosted their own event, the cutting edge online fashion destination graced the first Fashion House Thursday hosting their own personal fashion show. Fashionistas filled Whisky Mist so needless to say the club and clubbers look beautiful on Fashion House Thursday.



BNL’s last visit (for this week that is) was Whisky Mist Friday. The weekend is always a blast. Partygoers were full of energy as everyone knows the weekend has begun. The weather is no match for BNLer’s as guests came fully dressed to the 9’s. DJ offered up hip-hop, house, and commercial hits throughout the weekend. Great vibes, great dancers and amazing music on Friday at Whisky Mist.




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