Zouk Mikael International Festival 2010 Program

The organizing committee of the Zouk Mikael announced this years Zouk Mikael International Festival 2010 festival at Ain Mreyseh. Minister Fadi Abboud attended the announcement.

The program for this year will include 4 shows starting July 9 till July 28:

July 9: French singer Calogero

July 19th: Randa Ghossoub accompanied by Cyrus Chestnut

July 23rd: Assi El Hellani

July 28th: Chicago Blues a Living History

You’re in for a fabulous treat if you’re in Lebanon in July, in perfect time to attend the annual Zouk Mikael International festival.

The festival, held in the charming Lebanese town of Zouk Mikael, attracts guests from all over the country and abroad.

Zouk Mikael is 10 minutes away from Beirut, perched on a hill of Kesrouwan overlooking the Mediterranean.

Its roman styled amphitheatre with a capacity of 2500, built for major events, hosts the festival.
The venue is complete with cafeterias and public facilities. Several large car parks with shuttles for transportation to and from the amphitheatre ensure convenient access.

For more info: www.zoukmikaelfestival.org