Ziad Baroud: No More Posters!!

The Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Ziad Baroud issued a circular to ban sticking of posters on publicly especially on walls of public property and remove all violating posters. The decree states that 
some people are posting announcements and pictures in favor of institutions, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions and artists, in addition to various announcements, on the walls of the roads and public property.

All concerned are thereby to consider this circular as a warning to lift all the irregularities and abuses of public property and the walls of roads and electricity and telephone poles, by a deadline of 7th of July, 2010. Those who will not remove the posters will be transfered to public prosecution after the expiration of the deadline, with punishments ranging to fines and imprisonment of two weeks to one month.

The circular comes as part of the removing all irregularities that have we have seen in the street. Lately we have seen a number of posters with very complicated creatives, designs and messages to promote artists visiting Lebanon. The red posters have invaded the streets in an disorganized and chaotic manner which has mutated the streets and made it look hideous for residents and visitors of the beautiful B-City.

BeirutNightLife.com would like to thank the Minister of Interior for this circulation as it is a push towards promoting Lebanon as the no.1 touristic destination this summer.