Your To Do List Lebanon! July 1st-7th

Summer has officially hit in full swing and with it came an abundance of events, concerts and nightlife activities to choose from. BNL is here to give you a helping hand in making the correct party selection. Here are the happenings for this week. (July 1st-7th)

June 28th to July 3rd – Don Quixote Live at Byblos FestivalDon Quixote
is an epic  musical play, created by Marwan Ghadi and Oussama Tahbani,
clashingDon  Quixote’s idealism with Lebanese realities.
This play will be kicking off the events  scheduled for the Byblos International Festival.
Doors  open at 7PM Play starts at  8:30PM



July 1st – Eve performing Live at Pier 7 The freshest nightclub in Lebanon,
Pier 7, is starting off strong with  unsurpassed entertainment.
World famous American hip hop recording  artist, and three time Grammy Award  winner,
Eve will visit Pier 7 to perform for what will for sure be a packed house.


July 1st – Daw L Baladiyyi  Album Launch EventLebanese Rock musicians Adonis are celebrating
the  launch of their new album entiteled “Daw L Baladiyyi”.
This concert by  the sea will take place at  Sporting Beach, Manara. Show starts at 8PM.






July 2nd – Jounieh International FestivalPeople of Lebanon can show their love for Jounieh
at its  international festival. This day hosted by the renowned Red Bull brand will be  full
of extreme sports, a  motorcycle show and car park drifting.










July 2nd – Zumba Beach Party at Bonita BayZumba is a work out craze that has swept the nation.
This  event hosted by Bonita Bay Batroun will include a 2-hour master class
given by instructor Soline Torkomian  and guests.
Party is open to the public and will be full of fun, food, prizes and more.










July 2nd – Sassy Pandez at Edde SandsThe best international female hip-hop and R&B
DJ Sassy  Pandez has worked with artists such a Beyonce, Jay Z, Will Smith and more.
Sassy will perform for  Beirut at an exclusive pool party (located at the round pool) at Edde Sands.
Beirut’s talented DJ’s  Dimix and Rudebox will also be present to supply beats throughout the night.










July 3rd – Riviera Beach Party All week and every week this summer
the beautiful Riviera will be open for your enjoyment.
Each day will delivering different vibe.
Chill  out and enjoy the Sunset Barbecue Bar and music by resident DJ Keano Gray.









July 3rd – Summer Fashion Festival at Edde SandsWith summer comes summer  fashions.
LIPS is joining Edde Sands in hosting Solicet’s Summer fashion festival.
The latest in swimwear will be displayed from a specially designed stage located over  the VIP pool.
Ladies come enjoy the gorgeous swimwear pieces while gentleman  enjoy the beautiful models!






July 4th/6th/7th – Scorpions Live at Byblos FestivalIndisputably one of the most  successful rock bands of all time,
Scorpions, will “Rock You Like a Hurriane” for three  nights at the Byblos International Festival as part of their sold-out f  farewell tour.
Show will start rocking at 7PM.




July 5th – Moby Live at Byblos FestivalMoby is a one of a kind performer that I highly  recommend.
This solo artist has sold over 20 million records worldwide.
Moby  constantly pushes the envelope in the electronic music world truly having a style that  is his own.
I predict an astonishing live performance.