Your Request: I want Britney Spears in Lebanon

Hello Beirut Night Life please read this in depth

I am one of the biggest Britney Spears fans in Lebanon, and I have been a fan seriously since I was 4 years old, since I saw the video for Baby One More Time I was hooked till now and till the world ends probably!

When I was at the Shakira’s concert the other day ( it was EXCELLENT) I realized Lebanon should start getting pop stars and RnB stars more often because honestly I am SICK of DJ’s and trance and everything of the sort because unfortunately this is what sells here in Lebanon and that’s too bad.

My point is Lebanon should consider getting Britney Spears to Lebanon I mean her stage is okay I admit bigger than Shakira’s which gathered around 25,000 people.

I really need your help to get her here because you obviously are one of the biggest headliners in Lebanon. Take a look at her schedule for the Femme Fatale tour which is starting June 16 till Aug 14

It is not impossible to get her here we just need to advertise this so that people who get performers to Lebanon actually consider that! She has had IMMENSE success worldwide and In Lebanon with her recent hit Till The World Ends! it’s not too late please help me and try to reply :( thx!

Tarek Mendelek – A Britney Spears Fan

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