Your Name in Gold? Luxor for the Priveleged Few!

Michel Khoury, MK Holding has brought this privileged bottle to Lebanon, with only a 1000 bottles that can be bought by the lucky few. If your profile doesn’t fit, the bottle can not be yours.

Luxor Champagne with real 24 carat Gold Flakes is really unique in the market. Luxor Champagne is produced in very limited series and with immaculate attention to detail. Every stage of production is monitored by first class experts who ensure that the final product is of best quality.

After ageing for up to three years in oak barrels, this champagne is infused with 24 carat gold flakes and carefully bottled. The bottling process has been designed to minimize oxidation and maintain all the natural flavors.

MK Holding also structured a deal with American Express Centurion Cards. The first of its kind anywhere in the world; clients that hold the prestigious Amex Centurion Card are able to personalize their own bottle of Luxor Champagne, engraved in 24K Gold. Clients who also purchase bottles of Luxor Champagne are also invited to apply to the much sought after American Express Centurion Card. “As for buzz, I think this tops every alcohol brand in the region. The leverage our company has and the personal clients we deliver to have helped us leapfrog our operations in order to sponsor major events around Lebanon and the Middle East, all thanks to our strategic partnerships.