New Year’s Eve: Popular Resolutions for 2012

New Year’s Eve is a couple days away… which means plenty of people are already making their resolutions for 2012.

According to an international poll the main New Year’s resolution for 2012 will be to lose weight.

While others said:

  • They won’t make any resolutions
  • They want to spend more time with family and friends
  • They want to be able to save some money
  • They want to be debt free – at least try to be
  • They want to quit smoking or drinking
  • They want travel and discover new countries
  • They want to set up their own small business and be their own bosses
  • They want to help less fortunate people and do some volunteer work
  • They want to try and Go Green – save the world in one way or another
  • They want to manage their stress levels

If you have a New Year’s resolution, please share with us…