YALLA! Games Cafe Website Launches

First dedicated skill based gaming website for MENA region

Yalla! Games Café (HYPERLINK “http://www.yallagamescafe.com”/ www.yallagamescafe.com) is set to make its mark across the Middle East and North Africa as the tournament style gaming website officially goes live on Monday 28th June 2010.

Presented in English, with an Arabic version to follow, the Yalla! Games Café website is a completely new concept for the MENA region offering a wide selection of addictive games to play online.

Suitable for both teenagers and adults alike, players can choose from variations of trivia, puzzle, crossword, card and Sudoku games, all being a fun and healthy way to stimulate the brain. Each game has been carefully designed to work the “grey matter”, by challenging individuals of all levels, whilst enjoying the thrill of winning. By playing, participants will improve general knowledge, sharpen arithmetic skills, build vocabulary, and hone their ability to beat the clock.

To join and play online at Yalla! Games Café is quick, easy and free. During the launch phase, all new users will receive $5.00 when they register. This bonus money can be credited towards playing tournament games with real cash prizes, by competing against other members.

All registered users are automatically included within the Yalla! Games Café award scheme. Players earn Yalla! Stars every time they play a game and the more they play and win, the more Yalla! Stars are collected. Users can climb the rankings with Yalla! Stars, starting out as a ‘freshman’ and playing towards ‘dean’ status.

Mark Gatty Saunt, Co-Founder of Yalla! Games Café commented, “For years, it was believed that by adulthood, the brain was fully developed, and the only change to expect was for the worse, in the form of age-related decline. But experts now know that the brain continues to grow new neurons and neuronal connections throughout life – but only with new, intense stimulation. Mental aerobics such as brain games require intense thought and concentration and will likely help build cognitive reserve, keeping you sharp and focused for life. A great place to start is Yalla! Games Café.”

All Yalla! Games Café games are based on ‘skill’, it’s the skill of the player, not luck or chance, which determines the outcome of any competition.