Y by YABANI, the perfect blend of service, atmosphere and food quality

Food has been Japan’s biggest cultural export hit in the past decade. Most of the world’s big cities now have their share of high-class Japanese restaurants. But the boom has brought also a huge disparity in quality and authenticity.

Y by YABANI is one of very few authentic Japanese restaurants found in Lebanon. Located in Beirut Souks, down town area, street level, Y by YABANI is a refined Sushi restaurant, established at the end of 2011. Inspired from YABANI which is itself one of Lebanon’s most authentic Sushi restaurants, Y is a casual place, a relaxed spot where people can drop by for a quick lunch or dinner while shopping at the Souks.

A superb and stylish decoration surrounds the client while enjoying the food inside…as a small garden with few tables is at the client’ s disposal outside.

By its new spirit and atmosphere, Y by YABANI has succeeded to draw a parallel between authenticity and creativity. Its well experienced chefs continuously update themselves on the recent trends in Japanese cuisine. Their cooking style is not confined to the traditional Japanese cooking convention. Their creativity is limitless. Perfectly selected and prepared, Y’s menu offers a wide choice of Japanese plates and items from the familiar to the distinctly challenging.

What is it about Y restaurant that makes the sushi so good?

That’s essentially food perfection. The preparation is careful and precise. Sushi is served in a specific order and made only moments before you’re served. Everything comes at the right temperature, at the right time.

That’s… Y, Sushi with Style.

Don’t miss the opportunity to please yourself with the delicious food served in Y restaurant. It’s a must for every fan of Japanese culinary, and for those who still want to become it!