World Red Cross Day!

Founded in Geneva in 1863, The International Red Cross has over 97 million volunteers, selected according to their humanitarian skills and will to help, regardless of their nationality, race, sex, religion, social class or political orientation.

This aim of this large group of fantastic people is to protect and save human lives and alleviate their suffering.

As much as we may complain about what needs improving in Lebanon, we cannot deny that the National Red Cross have outdone themselves year after year; always being available, arriving within minutes, saving countless lives. I’m sure we each have a story in which we can thank the Red Cross for their priceless help and crucial role in saving someone we know.

Surprisingly, the Red Cross volunteers are neither training to be doctors nor nurses, yet they are skilled, informed, efficient and trustworthy.

This organization depends solely on the public’s donations, so please never forget to contribute, at least a little, in order for them to continue contributing a lot in saving the lives of so many.

In the spirit of World Red Cross Day, the team  would like to send our best wishes and deepest thanks to everyone at the National Red Cross –  you are an indispensable element in our country, and everyone one of you , with your compassionate qualities, is an irreplaceable person on this planet.