Winner Revealed for the Successful “Unlock Beirut” Competition

Winner Revealed for the Successful “Unlock Beirut” Competition Launched by T.Gargour & Fils – smart

 How many times have you failed in finding a parking spot? How many times have you wished there were shortcuts you can easily take to avoid severe traffic? How much time do you waste on a daily basis in Beirut because of these two specific obstacles? Regardless of that, how many hidden spots are you still unaware of in the city? T. Gargour & Fils launched the ‘Unlock Beirut’ competition on facebook which was open to everyone for a month, giving participants an opportunity to beat the city’s challenges with a ‘smart’ fortwo and proving a great success. The city’s traffic, discovered hidden spots, and shortcuts were all battled with the smart.

T. Gargour & Fils selected a number of participants that have applied through facebook on smart-lebanon page to enter the competition and gave them the chance to drive a ‘smart’ for three days around Beirut’s busy roads. Discovery of hidden spots and city treasures using the practical and safe smart was among the competition’s challenges but the experience of driving such an amusing vehicle made the whole competition exciting and fun.

Commenting on the ‘Unlock Beirut’ competition, Mr. Cesar Aoun, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz and smart at T. Gargour & Fils, said “The increase in traffic in Lebanon nowadays has become a serious, inescapable issue. This has made transportation harder; even more so when trying to find parking spots in the capital city. This fact drives the need for safe, practical and comfortable cars. The smart fortwo makes driving in the city no trouble, finding a parking space stress-free and the brilliant smart car fuel consumption keeps costs low. The smart offers the best of fun, comfort, agility, ecology and safety.”