Win A Free Specially Designed Ice-Watch! The Ice-Watch/BNL Games 2011

When you see a colorful timepiece fashionably decorating an individual’s wrist you know they are wearing

an Ice-WatchBNL and Ice-Watch would like to brighten up your outfits with a FREE stylish

Ice-Watch! Ice-Watch has teamed up with BNL to generously give away a total of 10 colorful timepieces

to winners of The Ice-Watch/BNL Games 2011. Our first competition has come to a close.

Contestants won specially designed Ice-Watches but we still have 5 more to give away! Below you will

find details regarding our second BNL/Ice-Watch game.


Get to know Ice-Watch: For this competition Ice-Watch devotees are to put their Ice-Watch knowledge on display by answering one simple Ice-Watch trivia questions. Remember you can find trivia question information on the Ice-Watch website & Facebook fan page

Question: What is the name of the renowned artist that wears an Ice-Watch in his latest 2011 video clip? (Provide us with a link to support your answer)

*To Enter: Answer the questions by posting a comment below. Please note that no comments will be shown until the end of the competition in order to keep answers private. So don’t worry if you don’t see your comment displayed right away.