What a Sleepless Weekend!!!!!!

The second part of the summer is here now, and OH MY GOD what a weekend its going to be. Beirut is set for some massive events this weekend with a series of class, entertainment, and dance on a 24 hr basis. Hamra Festival, Above & Beyond, and Edde Sands/ Fashion TV Beach Party are all under the spot to set your dance floors on fire.

Hamra Festival: Sept. 10th- 12th

This weekend, Hamra will be transformed into a cultural, musical and artistic hub for Hamra Streets Festival – Maraya 2010. The event will be a welcoming and cultural festival, exhibiting the cultural and artistic diversity of Lebanon, while encouraging young talents. Amateur talents from musicians to artists are participating in the festival…from different fields of arts. Food and shopping, Restaurants, coffee shops and others will be taking part in the festival, by setting up booths for their goods; specifically, Makdissi and Jeanne d’Arc Streets. The historical Hamra Street will be closed to cars from Friday afternoon till Sunday at Midnight. It will become a pedestrian area for fun, fun and more fun. The festival is expected to gather around 200,000 people with parades, shows, fireworks, concerts and more.

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ABOVE & BEYOND in the Anjunabeats Volume 8 World Tour (2010): September 11th, 2010

Poliakov is bringing the B-City on September 11th, 2010 the World’s Biggest Trance trio DJs/ producers ABOVE & BEYOND in the Anjunabeats Volume 8 World Tour (2010). The event will feature guest DJ’s  Jaytech who described it as “an epic night” and Superstar DJ/Producer ANDY MOOR “Who promised it will be energetic”. From an Above & Beyond angle, and in the exclusive interview you read on BeirutNightLife.com, they said “Beirut is the world’s first place to witness the future of the Above & Beyond shows. We’ve got some new material from our forthcoming album, and lots and lots of track we’re buzzing about so expect all-round madness!!”. So dancing till the early hours of the morning will be your quest on Sept. 11th, 2010 at Forum De Beyrouth, and the event will make sure you will not leave.

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Beach Bar Party at Edde Sands: September 12th, 2010

Well you know what happens when these two join forces on the beach. You better run and never look back towards Byblos when Fashion Tv Arabia & FFactory present the Edde Sands Beach Bar party that will take place at Edde Sands, September 12 starting 3 pm. Get Ready to be dazzled with an amazing beat and dance till the sun goes down! Ftv Arabia welcomes u to spend one unforgettable day with its one of a kind events! DJ’s Dancers, Sexy ladies, and a lot lot lot more. The perfect combination for the biggest ever beach parties in town. These two titles simply blew up the Lebanese Summer more than once this year and are planning to hit the skies this Sunday.

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So Beirut… Lebanon and the World….. Buckle up cause it will be one pumping weekend from Hamra, to Forum De Beyrouth and the hot hot hot Edde Sands beach parties on the lovely shores of Byblos..

BeirutNightLife.com will be there and there and there as well, so keep smiling cause we will have you spotted.

Now I ask again.. do you dare miss all of these events???