Why and What was Christina Aguilera Leaking at Etta James’ Funeral?

Etta James, one of the most talented and moving singers of our time, passed away over a week ago, and a grand funeral was held in her memory a couple of days ago.

Christina Aguilera was given the honor of singing Etta James’ “At Last”, and although the performance itself was captivating, a bizarre streak of dark red lines ran down her inner thighs and calves.

What was it? Some say it might have been her period, and due to Christina not wearing any underwear, the blood may have leaked all the way down to her ankles!


I sure hope that’s not what happened.

Sources say that Christina got spray tanned right before her performance, and it’s possible that her nervousness and the heat of the lights caused her tan to streak.

Others say that nothing was seen in the video of her performing, so what was it then?

Was it menstrual blood? Was it a fake tan streaking? Or is it a hoax?

Let us know what you think and stay posted for more updates.

Rest in Peace Etta James – You are a star that will shine on forever.