The gifs that keep on giving…The incredible Kate Upton clips


SHE’S the supermodel who gave us one of the most famous gifs in history with her ‘Cat Daddy’ bikini dance.

And today we pay homage to US hottie Kate Upton who must have starred in more animated clips than any other pin-up.

We’re celebrating her sexy showreel to mark the news from Google that users can now search for gifs for the first time ever.

It means the web’s funniest footage is at all of our fingertips, be it cats on skateboards, granny dancing or indeed hot women jiggling their bits.

Below, we’ve carried out an in-depth investigation into Miss Upton’s finest gif moments…

The one that started it all…the ‘Cat Daddy’ viral dance

Answering our prayers as an angel…

If only all topless beaches were like this

As well as being hot, she can hula too…is there no end to her talents?

Just cracking. Egg-cellent. Ok, we’ll stop.

Good luck fitting those shells in your suitcase home

Another reason they should bring back Baywatch

Kate is also a fantastic swimmer

Living in America, it can get very, very hot

Luckily there are plenty of places to cool off

Kate earns loads of lolly as a model

Finding bikinis to fit isn’t as easy as it seems

Sometimes she doesn’t even bother with a bra

Or a t-shirt…

Kate’s boobs help her turn heads on the catwalk too

But she’s only just realised why…