Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and Sofia Vergara: Boobs and Butts Galore!

What’s happening to celebrities? It seems they’re forgetting to hide their private parts when walking out of their bedrooms.

The most recent indecent exposure happened when Rihanna was spotted wearing a completely see-through mesh shirt while headed to Da Silvano in the West Village this weekend – without a bra. Not to mention her horrible outfit, paired with baggy jeans and construction boots.

The same happened in January when Lindsay Lohan was also spotted bra-less emerging from the XIV Carats jewelry store in Beverly Hills.

Sofia Vergara gave us all a sneak preview of her butt (and then some) this past December when she was spotted wearing see-through black tights while headed to her SUV in L.A.

I’m guessing with all the outrageous new styles and outfits celebs are pulling while performing, pretty soon they might start walking around naked – why not?