Rapper Drake Smokes Marijuana at a Nightclub!

Drake is apparently responsible for a huge cloud of marijuana smoke that shut down the Dollhouse Lounge, a nightclub in Oklahoma City. This resulted in at least one arrest, and now the club owner wants the rapper to pay for the damages.

The nightclub owner sent a letter to Drake and his manager, claiming that the rapper asked him to open the Dollhouse Lounge exclusively for him on Thursday March 1st to host a private party – and apparently it spun out of control.

According to the owner, Drake arrived to the club escorted by his massive entourage, and when the party was at its peak, a few Dollhouse employees sensed the smell of marijuana coming from the VIP section where Drake was sitting.

The owner claims the party was ended immediately, followed shortly by the police, who arrived to restore order and escort people out of the club.

While the cops were there, the owner claims they discovered a half-burnt marijuana cigarette in Drake’s section, and then arrested the club manager after giving him a ticket.

The owner simply does not think it’s fair that he and his club are taking the blame for Drake’s mistake, and wants the rapper to pay several thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Drake’s reps have been unreachable and have yet to give a statement.  

Who do you think should be held responsible? Drake or the Club Owner?