Ooops.. is that Shakira’s butt??

Sometimes because Shakira has moves you’ll never ever see anywhere else, she kind of forgets what little outfits she’s wearing and accidents happen. Some crowds got to see her butt crack while trying to perform in that sexy golden outfit.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, along with the former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, Queen Rania of Jordan and actor Jim Carrey, came out to Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night to watch the hip-swiveling Shakira perform before an energetic crowd.

“It’s really an honor for us,” Shakira said, thanking the president of her homeland for attending.

The bilingual singer kicked off her show with a slow groove to “Pienso en Ti” — wearing a hot pink ensemble that covered most of her body, revealing only her face and some of her blond curls — while she sang and gave hugs to people in the crowd. She walked to the middle of the stage, tore off the ensemble to reveal a shiny gold top with black tights and knee-high boots and performed the thumping “Why Wait.”