Nicki Minaj gets a Lil steamy with wayne


NICKI Minaj spills out of her low-cut basque as she romps with Lil Wayne in her new music video.

The saucy star wears the figure hugging undies for a steamy scene with heavily tattooed rapper in the promo for the pair’s collaboration High School.

The couple play high school sweethearts who rob a rich drugs baron and run away together in the clip.
But the 30-year-old Starships singer — who is signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label – revealed that he was the perfect gentleman while filming the raunchy scenes.

She said: “He refused to touch me. He’s so respectful.. and then I was like, ‘Wayne, you can touch certain parts!’ But he was acting scared. He was like, ‘Yo Nick, this is my dream, I’mma be the man after this video.

“He was just acting crazy, but if I didn’t tell him, ‘Yes, you can touch me, do this’, whatever, like, he refused to touch me. He’s a Southern gentleman, which people don’t realise.”

She added: “We kept on laughing the whole time and he was like, ‘Stop laughing’ and I was like, ‘All right’, and then we’d burst out laughing again. But you know what?

“Towards the end of the night is when we shot the steamiest scene, and I guess I was just too tired to be nervous, I was like, ‘Whatever, let’s just get this over with!

The two stars famously share a close, platonic relationship, and Nicki admits that made the situation strange.


Speaking about a scene in which they nearly kiss, she said: “Wayne said that we had to kiss, he was like, ‘Yo, the one thing that’s gonna really sell it is if we really kiss’, and I was like, ‘Ehh, No’… Not only is he my boss but he’s also like my brother, so it’s very weird.”

Despite their friendly relationship, Nicki admitted she finds his all-over body tattoos attractive.

She said: “It’s still like, Wayne is still so sexy! He looks like a piece of art because he’s all tatted up. It’s just so sexy, black and beautiful.”

The singer’s skimpy outfits – and the inevitable nip slip – probably didn’t help her timid co-star.