Madonna is a Girl Gone Wild

Even after decades, Madonna still maintains her diva attitude and her place on the throne as queen of pop. Her latest “clash” was with Joe Francis, the creator of “Girls Gone Wild,” who claimed that Madonna changed the name of her new single “Girls Gone Wild” because of threats that he sent her.

Her manager, Guy Oseary, laughed at the fact that Francis claimed victory after supposedly sending a cease and desist letter to Madonna, demanding that she not perform that song at the Super Bowl. Oseary insisted that no one from the Madonna team ever received such a letter or warning.

As for Madonna changing the song’s name to “Girl Gone Wild,” Oseary explains that they’ve been making changes to the album for the past few weeks and decided to make “Girl” singular because that’s how Madonna sings it in the song. Oseary says that other song titles on the album were changed as well.

Oseary proceeded to mock Francis’ claim that he owns the title rights to “Girls Gone Wild” by explaining that there are 50 records out there called “Girls Gone Wild,” including songs by famous artists like Ludacris, Jagged Edge, T Mills, Lee Kernaghan, Lil Rick and Jackie Kashian.

Joe Francis may have been obsessing about Madonna for a while now, but Oseary says that Madonna doesn’t even know who Francis is, and has been completely oblivious of his threats and demands. A real diva indeed!

We probably wouldn’t have known who Joe Francis is either, if it weren’t for his “Girls Gone Wild” episodes.

What do you think of Madonna’s new song “Girl Gone Wild?”