Lindsay Lohan back to jail.. AGAIN!!

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. And she’ll be staying there this time.

Reports from the court room state that Lohan has been sentenced until October 22nd when her next court date is scheduled. There is no bail, the sheriff can not let her out, and the only way she can be released is if the judge changes her mind. Which let’s be honest. Ain’t gonna happen.

While she didn’t break down this time when the bailiff handcuffed her, she also kept things classy. No “F*** U” painted on her nails. No provocative shirts. Just a simple black shirt. It’s almost like she could sense this wasn’t going to go her way.

She tested positive for cocaine while on probation. She only did 23 of 30 days in rehab. Last time she was in jail she served two weeks out of the three months she was sentenced to. Looks like the hammer has fallen and Lohan is in the big house for about a month now.

While of course it is always sad to see a young person being shuffled off to jail, come on. She knew she was breaking the law and she has been breaking it for years now. Maybe, hopefully, this will get her to sober up and get back to being the good actress that she can be. More on this as it develops.

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