Lady Gaga and the Wooden Penis

Lady GaGa was taught about sex with a wooden penis.

The Born This Way hitmaker — who attended a strict Catholic girls’ school in her teens — admitted she barely had any contact with boys until she was 15 because she was always being lectured about the virtues of abstinence by her school nurse. “I went to a Catholic school where the doors were sort of shut and the blinds were pulled down when the nurse came in to talk to us about safe sex and celibacy – it was more of an abstinence conversation than it was about safe sex,” she said.

“It really was my biology teacher who taught us about safe sex. The wooden penises would come out and she would take out a condom and we would all sort of sit there. We barely even had contact with boys until I was 15 years old.”

However, the 24-year-old singer explained her “really, really cultured” mother taught her to be more open about sex.

“My mom was always very open with me. My mother was a dancer for 20 years, so she had a lot of gay friends and straight friends and friends of all different races,” she added.

“She’s a really, really cultured woman, my mother. And she just taught me to be very loving and very open, but very, very safe. She said, ‘Don’t judge anyone, but don’t trust everyone’