Kris Humphries is Demanding $7 Million from Kim Kardashian!

Kris Humphries is ordering Kim Kardashian to give him $7 million so he walks away from their marriage … and he’s asking for it secretly.

Sources close to the basketball player say that Kris, with the help of his Minnesota lawyer, has given Kim an ultimatum: … pay the money or undergo a horrible public trial.

Other sources also indicate that Kris and his lawyer have been told to eat dirt for the following reasons:

  1. The marriage only lasted for 72 days, which isn’t nearly enough to receive $7 million in compensation.
  2. There was an iron-clad prenup in which Kim owes Kris nothing.
  3. Kris already made money from the marriage. He took in around $1 million from the wedding and the TV special that showcased the wedding. He also made around $250,000 from the Kardashian reality show.

Well, there’s no money for you here Mr. Humphries!

Do you think Kris deserves that $7 million?