Kim Kardashian, another awkward moment!

There’s one person we can count on for showing off her curves then it’s Kim Kardashian.

And because there’s no delicate way to approach the fact her nipples are trying to burst through her dress – so we zoomed in on the picture for you.

Kim was using her breasts as a thermometer to warn others about the cold when she was out and about in Miami today.

She was on her way to film an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s when she had this minor wardrobe malfunction.

In a figure hugging white dress, she looked stunning as she showed off her famous asset – her bum.

To be fair, Kim might look as if she’s smuggling grapes but at least she’s not quite gone as far as Anne Hathaway – who managed to show her entire lady garden when climbing out of a car last week.

Or when Jennifer Lopez managed to flash her ACTUAL nipple twice in two weeks. What a disaster.

How does it compare with Kim Kardashian’s sexiest moments of all time? Well, see for yourself.