Kelly Osbourne: Yo-Yo Diet No More

Kelly Osbourne has been on a yo-yo diet for years, but it seems the 25-year-old reality star has finally found a way to maintain a slim and healthy figure. There’s no secret, she is following an old-fashioned way of making a commitment to yourself and waking up every day and doing it. Osbourne weighed 160 pounds at her heaviest, but today she’s 112 pounds.

Osbourne currently follows a  low carb, sugar-free diet, but will allow herself occasional treat. Since switching over to a protein and veggie-rich eating plan, Osbourne has found making healthy choices even easier than she expected. She has shed her excess weight over the course of year by replacing junk food with more nutritious choices and making fitness a priority — proving that a slow and sensible approach to weight loss is a great way to win the battle with the scale. She doesn’t eat junk food. She will eat a bag of carrots now than a bag of chips.  It’s a lifestyle change.