Did Justin Bieber Beat Up A Photographer?

Photo Credit: tmz.com

Yesterday noon, Justin Bieber was at The Commons Mall in Calabsas where he lives, when a paparazzo tried to snap a photo of him, resulting in a quarrel between the two – this is according to law enforcement.

The cops arrived after the photographer made a phone call to the police department, but Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez had already fled the scene. The photographer also complained that he was feeling a pain in his upper stomach, so an ambulance took him to the hospital where he underwent examination and was released shortly after.

The photographer proceeded to file a report against Justin, naming him a culprit. The police are investigating the situation as a misdemeanor battery. According to law enforcement, detectives want to speak with Justin, Selena and other witnesses who were present at the scene. According to several witnesses who have already been questioned, a lawyer approached the photographer after the incident occurred with Justin and told him he could get a lot of money out of what happened if he calls for an ambulance and files a police report. Witnesses also mentioned that the photographer was blocking Justin’s car, not allowing him to leave; which was the reason Justin got out of his vehicle and confronted the photographer, resulting in a fight.

Justin’s representative hasn’t issued any statements so far.