Jessica Drinking to Destruction

“Jessica Drinking to Destruction,” reads the headline of a Star magazine story about Jessica Simpson that goes on to say she’s “trapped in a poisonous cycle of booze binges.”

Basically, the tab takes a January 24 incident – when Simpson was over-served at the L.A. restaurant Katsuya – and uses it to claim, “Jessica is drinking way too much… and the worst thing is, she doesn’t see anything wrong with it.”

According to Star, “As her multimillion-dollar fashion lines have taken off, Jessica’s workload has increased – and with it, her drinking.”

The mag writes, “Mimosas at breakfast are often followed by margaritas at lunch and a bottle of wine at dinner.”

“Jessica’s binges have her family and friends so worried,” says Star, that they’re currently “brainstorming about how to get her the help she needs.”


Apparently this news comes after the star celebrated a drink or two after a photoshoot. A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop that it’s “completely untrue” she drinks all day and goes on “binges” which have her family and friends “worried.”

“She had a few drinks that night – after a long day – but everything else,” assures the insider, “is totally overblown.”