Jennifer Aniston to Follow Angelina Jolie Footsteps

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to false reports, but this week’s Star is particularly bad. The tabloid claims the actress is adopting a baby from Mexico.

Star’s cover boasts about “signed and sealed” adoption papers, comments from an “orphanage official,” and more. The article even states that “Friends” star has even “installed” a $250,000 gender-neutral nursery in her Beverly Hills home, and plans to retain the services of a nanny who’s worked with Courtney Cox and other famous moms.

“She’ll have the child in her arms” by her February 11 birthday, Star insists.

Wow. How do they get their news? The story all seems true and supported with facts. But it’s 100% made up, according to Gossip Cop. No baby, No adoption and no nursery.