Is Rihanna a Liar?

Rihanna upset the producers of Saturday Night Live yesterday when she missed her final rehearsal claiming that she wasn’t feeling well. She called in sick last minute for the dress rehearsal that’s done live in front of a studio audience. Lorne Michaels, head of the production team, takes these matters very seriously and was very disappointed with what Rihanna did. Rihanna’s choreographer had to replace her during the performance.

Later on though, the staff was shocked when Rihanna showed up looking perfectly fine, claiming she certainly didn’t look sick enough to bail on the rehearsal — although no one said it to her face. Staff members saw her eating an apple and walking around between performances, not looking ill at all. The angry producers said they couldn’t think of the last time someone bailed on dress rehearsal.

Sources close to Rihanna say that she performed every rehearsal except the dress rehearsal, at which point a doctor came in to give her a shot of penicillin before she went on stage.

Rihanna’s rep says, “Rihanna was sick and needed to save her voice for the live show.”

Do you think Rihanna was lying? Why do you think she really skipped dress rehearsal?