Hulk Hogan has a Sex Tape!

For those of you who think porn is disgusting, you’ll probably hate it even more now. But for those of you who like it, you’ll probably be changing your minds once you read this.

It seems that the mighty Hulk Hogan has a sex tape that will be out soon – well, maybe someone out there might be interested . . .

Porno studio Vivid was approached by a third party to buy the tape, featuring Hulk and an unknown brunette who is not his ex-wife Linda or his current wife Jennifer McDaniel.

Believe it or not, the wrestler rips off his shirt in Hulkamania manner to begin the sex show . . . I’m guessing just like the photo above!

I wonder what kind of woman would get excited by Hulk Hogan’s cheesy mannerisms . . .

What do you think of Hulk Hogan starring in a porno?