Chris Brown and Rihanna Rekindling Old Flames

It was only a couple of days ago that we published a post about Rihanna and Chris Brown working together again. We had also written about how Chris is happy with his new girlfriend. Although sources had confirmed that the two are strictly friends and reuniting only for professional purposes, it seems that old flames have rekindled!

Whatever happened to Chris’s girlfriend? Weren’t they supposed to be happily in love?

Did Rihanna forget she got beaten by Chris three years ago?

Friends of both Rihanna and Chris are urging the two not to even think about getting back together, but sources have revealed that Rihanna is still crazy about Chris and that he has extremely strong feelings for her too, despite his girlfriend being in the picture!

Their friends are desperately trying to keep them apart, complaining about them spending so much time together because it’s a terrible idea for both their personal and professional lives; but with Rihanna’s birthday and the release of their duets this week, it seems keeping them apart will be close to impossible.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris will be getting back together?