Charlie Sheen Will Not Be Charged

Reported on HollywoodGo, sources say that Charlie Sheen won’t be charged in connection with a bizarre incident at a New York City hotel in October that involved an adult film actress and ended with the actor being taken to a hospital by the authorities.

A rep for the NYPD confirmed to sources that there would be no arrest of the actor who was hospitalized in late October, after authorities allegedly found him distressed state in his hotel room.

Various reports that couldn’t be confirmed say that he was found intoxicated and in his underwear and he became angry when he couldn’t find a watch. A woman was in the hotel room with Charlie Sheen and he thought maybe she had taken it. It was a very expensive watch and Charlie couldn’t find it and got very disoriented when looking for it disturbing some of the furniture in the hotel room. At the time, the star of Two And A Half Men was having an allergic reaction of some sort. Having to do with his medication.

In late November, Anderson said that she planned to sue Sheen for battery and false imprisonment. She also filed a criminal complaint with New York Police. Of course Sheen fought back against Anderson’s claim suing the adult actress of extortion. It isn’t certain if that claim has been resolved yet or not. In addition all charges against the actor were dropped by the New York Police Department. Charlie Sheen isn’t a bad guy and his fans stood by him the entire time claiming that he just wouldn’t do that unless something was wrong. And of course, the fans were right. It was the medication having an adverse affect on him causing his behavior.