Britney Spears shows off her little boobs and facial expressions at X Factor party

We jest, we jest – Simon’s very well turned out for a 53 year old with a frozen face.

Anyway he looked as happy as is possible to be surrounded by the lovely ladies of the show, who all looked like they smelt divine. Unfortunately until the day scratch and sniff computers arrive, we’ll never know.

Britney  chose a tiny leather dress with a floral print and lace panels at the side. None of those things are usually put together, but this is Britney we’re talking about, so…

She looked hot though and pulled a number of strange faces that involved lots of muscle movement. Perhaps she was winding Simon up by showing him what he’s missing.

Her act Carley Rose, who is just 13 years old, has made it through to the final.

“The biggest thank u to my Britney Army & everyone else who voted for my teens last night. Love love love u all!” she Tweeted after her victory.

“Looks like it’s me & u @CarlyRoseMusic… and I hope you’re ready to come out on TOP!”

Sounds like Britney’s pretty confident and from what we’ve seen, Carley is indeed the strongest finalist – but then if the US version is anything like ours, she’ll probably lose and someone unworthy of a record deal will win.

Did someone say Chris Maloney? No? Oh, we must be hearing things.