Blake Lively Introduces Boyfriend Ryan Reynolds to her Family

After all the contemplations and sightings, it’s finally confirmed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are an item. Other than photographers spotting them in various locations locking lips, Blake introduced Ryan to her family during Thanksgiving. The snapshot of the two was taken in November at the Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast in Utah, which is owned by Blake’s sister Robyn and her husband, actor Bart Johnson. The two couples were surrounded by friends and family as they happily enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

The Canadian actor, Ryan, divorced actress Scarlett Johansson earlier last year while Blake enjoyed a summer fling with actor Leonardo DiCaprio after ending a long relationship with Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley.

The hot Hollywood couple was also spotted kissing in Utah that weekend. Their romance flourished following the filming of The Green Lantern in which they co-started.

What do you think of the dazzling duo? Are they a match made in heaven?