Blake Lively And Penn Badgley Break Up

After all my days of wishing on both 11:11’s and both 1:11’s, I finally have something that Blake Lively doesn’t! And it’s not something that has to be kept in a closet or a person who has to be paid for futzing with my hair with a tiny comb! Unfortunately for her, and probably both of them really, People Magazine is reporting that Penn Badgley and Blake have broken up. They’ve been dating since 2007.

Reports contradict one another in terms of if the relationship started going south last week. While they were spotted shopping for candles at Henry Bendel here in New York (obviously totally fine because people who are quarreling with their partners do not care much for decor in general), other totally unreliable and unsubstantiated sources say when they were filming an episode of Gossip Girl last week, they were walking around the set wanting nothing to do with each other — that includes not even pecking each other on the cheeks to try and convince the writers the show could use another tale of romance between Serena and Dan.

But now, the inevitable question is upon us: how is this going to affect their acting? They have so many scenes together on Gossip Girl, and no doubt they entered into their relationship after only haphazardly considering (if at all) what it would be like to have a part on a show where their ex does too. Additionally, other reports have indicated Penn is sick of being on Gossip Girl…which means if he hated wearing all those fancy Brooklyn clothes when Blake was his girlfriend, he’s certainly not going to start enjoying it now. So no, it’s impossible for them to both keep doing the show. One of them is bound to leave — and it’s not going to be the one who just agreed to sleep with their professor after their Psychology of Business class ends.

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