Beyonce’s boobs and Katie Holmes’ nakedness get them onto GQ’s sexiest women of century list

Although there’s still rather a lot of the 21st century left, it’s not too soon to consider who the hottest women are it seems

There’s never a bad time for thinking about sexy ladies, (perhaps when you’re in church isn’t hugely advisable, but you know what we mean), so the beginning of the new millennium is just as good as the end. If a bit back to front.

But the lady loving males over at GQ are the well prepared… and very premature types when it comes to compiling lists. For this reason, they’ve already decided who the sexiest women of the 21st century are.

They’ve deigned, quite rightly that Beyonce is the cream of the crop. The girl’s got bumps, lumps and no humps, in all the right places, so we whole-heartedly agree.

Katie Holmes also makes the list, for the sole reason that she stripped off in film The Gift back in 2000 and showed everyone her nipples and enviously trim body.

She played a sex-mad character who rolled around in her knickers romping with various men, until she got murdered by one of them. Still, it got her this accolade and we get to stare at her boobs all over again.

Other luscious lasses who have made the GQ men drool over the last 13 years include Britney Spears when she was dancing about semi-naked with a snake (not while bald and wielding an umbrella), Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lopez.

Fellow Jen – Aniston – is given the title of ‘second sexiest woman of every year’, which shows just how well she’s ageing / could be some kind of sexual innuendo to do with stamina.

And Shakira’s hips are awarded the number one most stimulating thing to come out of Columbia, with the second being cocaine.