Weekly Leaks: Ski this Summer in Lebanon?

Did you know that this summer you can ski in Lebanon? Yes Ski!

Where? On what?

The answer is on grass at the Faqra Club. Check the exclusive image of the Grass Slopes here.

A one of a kind project in the region that will be creating a hype this summer.

Faqra Club’s Grass Ski Slopes is a great activity for sports enthusiasts and those craving mountain life! With almost 24,000 m2 of Lawn-type grass and FIS homologated trials, you can indulge in the joys of grass skiing & mountain boarding anytime day or night! with this unique slopes. Skiing has become an all year-round event in Lebanon!

To officially launch the event, Faqra club will be welcoming European Ski Champions to launch their new event in the Middle East GRASS SKI organized by Matisse Events. This event will take place this Sunday the 17th of July 2011 starting midday. On this occasion, everyone will get the chance to watch the spectacular performances of different International Ski Champions from Europe.

All guests 11 years and older will have the opportunity to try this new extreme sport for the first time for free all Sunday long.

Following this event, weekly lessons are organized for those who are interested in Ski on grass.