Weekly Leaks: The Best is Yet to Shuffle Along!

This week’s Weekly Leaks is so intensely hot, we couldn’t resist waiting until Wednesday to share it with you. Honestly guys between all these hit artists coming to Lebanon, who else is left… you will be definitely be  surprised.You’re going to love this one…
Prepare yourself for a great party night in exactly a month.  The guys from 2U2C are bring you LMFAO to Beirut to perform on October 1, 2011 in front of all their fans. It’s impossible not to know the guys who will definitely be ‘shuffling’ your night upside down.

LMFAO latest hit song Party Rock Anthem or better known as ‘Every Day I’m Shufflin’  was an infectious hit this summer.  Everyone was singing its simple lyrics and humming its addictive tune. It stayed at number one for six weeks at the Billboard Hot 100!

Get ready to move with the LMFAO – and practice your dance moves to this song which is a combination of the the Running Man, Half-Charleston and T-Step all in one… Get on you tube, you’ll find a bunch of people doing the dance from all around the world.

I can’t wait!