Weekly Leaks: Rocking with the Romans!

“For Those About to Rock We Salute You”


Do you have any idea where this year’s Rock Festival will be taking place? Lebanon is going to rock the world off their feet straight from a place that has endured hundreds of years of history.

On the second and third of September this year, The Roman Amphitheater, located in the Old Souk of Zouk area will be transformed into a haven for rock fans across Lebanon and the region.

The amphitheater is known for its dimensions (24 meters of opening and 14 meters of depth). Its slides are spacious and include the cabins of the artists, the cloakrooms, the make-up rooms, the training and rehearsal rooms and the press room – perfect set up for an event anticipated by many.

The event, organized by 2U2C, Play for Today and NRJ will be hosting eight rock bands four of which will be local and the other four will be world acclaimed rock bands. We now know that bands like the Gothic Metal band Moonspell and Pop Rock band Sex Assets and Waste Management will be part of the huge performance.

This historical amphitheater can accommodate about 3000 people. It has been provided with sophisticated techniques which made it one of the places of choice among many world theaters.

Also provided is a rest area arranged in oasis, sound and luminous equipment of high quality, hidden electric installations, and facilities present in the counters of automated tickets. I can just imagine you rock fans out there head banging to the music that drives your cells alive…

Stay tuned for more info soon!