Weekly Leaks: A Place Where You Can Be Unfidele

Have you heard of this cool place opening tomorrow in Gemmayze?  A place where you can be an Unfidele customer…

Where no commercial music will clot your ears, nor will people who want to dance on the bars and tables be there to push and shove you …  not that I have anything against dancing on the tables and bars… we all do that sometimes… but eventually you just want to go to a place where you can chill out and feel that you’re in a relaxing place…and to have good tasty drink while listening to great lounge music.

The name is UnFidele. White interior, crispy decoration and super inviting environment…

Play around with the meaning of the word you’ll get that urge to be a little bit unfaithful to your favorite rooftops, clubs, pubs and others as we have it all. But it’s good to change every once in a while.

The place, expected to seat 45 people will serve ham and cheese platters, chocolate fondue and a variety of drinks to quench your taste buds.

Unfidele is a name chose by the owners, Eddy Kara and Pierre Choueri, to create an interesting buzz. If you read it properly its un fidele ‘a Faithful’. Anyway am sure you catch the drift! I just love the name, that’s why I am dwelling!

Make it a point to stop by the place where you’re in tune with all your senses without feeling a bit guilty.