Weekly Leaks: Hamra’s Best Kept Secret

In the heart of the capital city Beirut, in Hamra’s bustling night scene, BNL spotted a new venue in its final stages of development. Curious,  as always, we checked it out and sure enough we realized we stumbled upon an excitingly spectacular secret!
DRM, short for Democratic Republic of Music, is a concert lounge that aims to become the destination of choice in Lebanon for musicians from the Middle East and international touring performers.
With a capacity of 350 seated or 500 standing, DRM’s mission is to provide quality shows for its guests while offering its visiting musicians an enjoyable playing experience.
DRM combines skilled production crews, cutting edge audio-visual equipment, friendly hospitality staff, and a food and drinks servery unequaled anywhere else, all in an environment that is customized for each and every show.
Owned and operated by Middle East’s leading independent music label Forward Music, DRM leverages an accumulated musical experience with over 40 CD releases and more than a 100 concerts in the last five years.
Watch this space as we bring you more details on the most sensational spot to hit Lebanon this summer.