Weekly Leaks: Dine with Sarkozy Soon!

After Nice, London, New York,  Moscow and Dubai, La Petite Maison is expected to open in Beirut. The french cuisine restaurant with an outstanding history, will hopefully be welcoming guests at Le Vendome Intercontinental Hotel, Ground Floor.

La Petite Maison was established in 1988 in a little tucked away area in Nice, by owner and chef Nicole Rubi. The success of the place branched out to become a well known fresh cuisine internationally. With a boisterous and casual atmosphere, Le Petite Maison has hosted the likes of French president Nicolas Sarkozy among others VIP guests who come on a regular basis to have their favorite dishes from the rich menu the restaurant offers!

Rumors that you have heard about Le Petite Maison will soon be verified. Our Sister city portal (PingDubai.com) has tried the one in Dubai.  He has verified the following rumors:

Rumor 1: The best French restaurant in town: Yes, and by far.
Rumor 2: It follows its international standard applied in all its venues around the world: Very true. I was impressed.
Rumor 3: “La Petite Maison” serves small portions. I say why not, especially when the waiter encourages you to try more things on the menu while sharing what you have ordered. The more you taste the more you will enjoy at a reasonable price.

You can read a full review by Anthony as well as see the feel of the place with exclusive photos on Ping Dubai, to have a better idea of what to expect when the new restaurant opens it’s doors in Lebanon!